How To Prepare A Cookie Dough Fundraising Campaign

Choosing a school fundraising provider can be stressful. There are many companies out there and often they offer similar product lines and merchandise. While it might seem like all providers are created equal, they are not. In fact the company you choose to work with will play a large role in determining the success of this and future school fundraisers. Let’s further examine a few reasons why your fundraising company is so essential to the success of your cookie dough fundraiser.

They Provide the Product

People pay money for the product they receive and golf fundraiser ideas even though they are purchasing from you to support your school, they still expect a high quality product. Purchasers will be delighted if you find a cookie dough fundraising provider that offers delicious and high quality dough and will be very disappointed if they receive dough that doesn’t taste great. They will remember their experience with the products that you sell whenever your school has a future fundraiser. Don’t alienate customers by trying to save a little money. Instead find a fundraising provider that will bring you tasty and high quality cookie dough.

Remember that the quality of ingredients used will really play a factor in determining the overall quality of the product. The best cookie dough fundraisers feature dough made from fresh ingredients like flour, butter and sugar. Processed dough won’t taste as fresh or delicious. Also make sure that the products received are stored properly before they are distributed to purchasers. A great school fundraising company may provide quality product, but you can ruin it if you fail to keep it cool as you distribute to students and parents.

They Determine the Profit Margin

School fundraising companies also determine the profits that your school will be able to earn. The available profit margin often fluctuates from company to company and depending on the amount of cookie dough that you are able to sell. Choose a company that offers a high profit margin, since this will directly impact the amount that you are able to earn for your school. Remember to ask about fees, shipping charges and other expenses associated with the fundraiser since this can all play a factor in determining your profitability.

They Support You During the School Fundraiser

One final reason to choose your cookie dough fundraising provider carefully is that they will be your school’s support throughout the entire fundraising process. When you have questions about the fundraiser or when you need additional order forms or catalogs you will turn to your fundraising company. You will want to work with a provider that offers great customer service and knowledge sales staff. This will allow you to maximize your profits since you will be able to provide sellers and purchasers with the best information available and timely responses. Consider making a phone call or two to prospective school fundraiser providers and talking with their customer service department before you make a commitment.


How To Prepare A Cookie Dough Fundraising Campaign
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